New Delhi, August 19: SAP India is highly banking on its channel partners to grow its footprints in the SME market. The company has been taking various initiatives to strengthen its relationship with its partners. Recenetly, SAP conducted its 6th Partners Summit in Delhi, where more than 200 partners across India, Srilanka and Bangladesh were present and some of them were rewarded for their contribution to the SAP’s business.

Speaking to Channel Times, some of the key partners on the sidelines of the Summit shared their key learning and roadmap in line with SAP’s goals. Here’s what they have to say.


Sabahat Kazi, Co-Founder, Intellect Bizware: “The key learning was how partners can help bring value to the customers in the new networked economy by simplifying – IT, by redefining UI, the underlying database layer and using cloud. The opportunity brought by S4/HANA and the SAP solution portfolio of business networks is a game changer for businesses as well as SAP partners. We intend to pass this on to our customers and be a part of the S4/HANA revolution.”

Ashwani Singh, Managing Director, Clockwork Business Solutions, said SAP has defined a clear roadmap globally for meeting its client’s current and future expectations, including the adaption of new technologies and modes of data assimilation in day to day working activities. “As a key partner of SAP in India, we too intend to align our developmental activities on add-ons, customized solutions and client interface to imbibe this global trend being it on Cloud, Mobility and In-Memory computing for data analytics. This will ensure the Indian sub-continent Clients also get enabled and handheld to be early adapters and benefit from these cutting edge changes in technology and its utilization in our everyday personal and work life. Client workplace and employees are going “Smart” and our solutions and delivery should also reflect this. ”

Ketan Jain, Director, Uneecops Technologies: “Attending the SAP Summit is an extremely enriching experience. You get to know what’s the latest in the industry, what other partners are doing and much more. Interaction with other partners and experts is very informative and encouraging. At Uneecops we consistently work in tandem with the larger SAP roadmap and continue to upgrade our skills and technologies to be able to achieve the set objectives. We ensure that all our teams are aligned with the channel roadmap through extensive trainings and workshops. This practice has enabled us to deliver quality, year on year and this is evident in the fact that we have won the Best Partner award for SAP Business One, 5th time in a row.”


Venu Uppalapati – Chairman, vCentric Technologies: “Being part of SAP Partner Summit every year is a great celebration. This year too is an enriching experience and it was a fantastic celebration of business success and we are proud to be associated with the Partner Summit 2015. The meeting helped us to articulate ourselves to grow and develop with specific attributes and processes of what we have to do until the next Partner Summit. Our future is very clear with the buzz word “Simple” and we are geared up and strengthened ourselves with S/4 HANA. Partner of the Year Award for General Business, HANA Initiative Award and Best Customer Engagement Awards for 2015 makes us more responsible in this fast business world.”

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