Recognising Clockwork’s long-standing fruitful relationship with Education Services division of SAP India Pvt Ltd, Clockwork has been appointed as ‘SAP uAcademy Education Partner’ on a pan-India basis. This collaborative arrangement will be in addition to Clockwork’s existing relationships pertaining to delivery of retail and on-campus of SAP Business One Consultants Programmes.
With the ‘SAP uAcademy Education Partnership’, Clockwork will, additionally, be in a position to deliver several SAP Training Programmes at Educational Campuses.
“The SAP uAcademy Education Partnership enables Clockwork to give the workforce of today and tomorrow the knowledge and skills they need to meet Industry’s strategic goals. We will now be in a position to offer a full suite of education courses and certifications designed to help the current and future workforce leverage the power of SAP solutions, and drive greater proficiency into business organizations.” – Managing Director of Clockwork.